We Exist to Help You Launch Big Ideas and Avoid Costly Mistakes.

At Cardinal, we bring you behind the scenes and into the full process that a studio or publisher normally guards from the outside. 

Our team has accumulated experience and exposure across multiple for-profit and non-profit sectors that is rare among narrowly focused branding, marketing, or production agencies, mainly because we’re not one of them. We’re a studio and publisher that also works on select client projects.  

What this means for you is that it is unlikely that we’ve not seen your challenge and have not already worked through it before at a high level. 

We can spot trouble areas fast... and opportunities faster. We can diagnose, produce, and get you launched on time, and focused, with a crystal clear plan for how to manage going forward. 

At the end of the day though, it is about bringing a big idea to life with beauty, efficiency, and creative elegance that is distinctly yours. Just as we would for our own. 

Meet our team of mission-driven professionals:

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Chris Cope, Creative Director
Chris has directed/produced dozens of video productions that have reached hundreds of thousands of customers and sold into the tens of millions of dollars.

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Chris Michalski, Strategy
Chris has 30+ years experience in corporate and nonprofit orgs with an expertise in growth, strategic marketing, and publishing.

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Mike Fontecchio, Logistics
Mike has over 20+ years experience in corporate operations, publishing, and digital distribution management. 

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Philip Braun III, Video
Philip has been lead videographer on multiple nationally-acclaimed and award-winning productions, documentaries, and short films.

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John Manidis, Production
John is an expert in all aspects of video production, film editing, and digital media distribution.