Meet the Team...

We love to create, build, and wow an audience with a compelling narrative that connects and delivers.

Meet our team of multimedia production, strategic consulting, publishing, and branding professionals:

Chris Cope

Chris founded Cardinal in 2016 after spending 15 years in marketing, product development, and video production. He loves taking ideas and building world-class brands that make a profound impact on people's lives. 

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Mike Fontecchio

Mike is the guy behind-the-scenes that makes things happen. After a 20-year career in publishing operations and production management, Mike brings his logistical and organizational expertise to the table every day at Cardinal.

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Chris Michalski

Chris is a seasoned entrepreneuer and business strategy expert with over 30 years experience in large and small companies and the nonprofit sector. Whether it's formulating and testing a business model, or looking at strategic marketing opportunities, Chris brings a clarity and precision to the most challenging issues facing organizations today.

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John Manidis

John joined Cardinal in 2018 as a video production specialist. With his film school degree and extensive on-set experience, John has proven himself invaluable as he manages the production and editing of video projects.

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Philip Braun III

Philip has worked in the film industry for nearly 18 years. He brings his creative eye on set as the Director of Photography on all of Cardinal's higher production value video projects. "Philip" is the answer when people ask, "How did you get it to look so good?"

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